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Saving you time and stress

If I were to ask you right now to show me your passport, or perhaps a copy of your latest payslip. How long would that take you to find? 

Decluttering and ordering your paperwork may seem like a relatively straightforward and small job but unless you have a system in place that works for you and your family, you will find your paperwork in a mess time and time again, no matter how many times you “tidy it up”

You may have years and years of paperwork just stacked up in boxes and no order at all or you may just find that your current system doesn’t work for you and seems you are always playing catch up as it seems like too much effort at the time. 

Having a simple but effective system in place to manage your paperwork, doesn’t just mean less clutter around your home and a tidier space but it can save you time and stress time and time again when you need to dig out copies of different documents at any given time. Wouldn’t it be great to just go to a file and know exactly where to find the information you need in a matter of minutes rather than searching high and low trying to rack your brain for where you may have put it or playing out all the scenarios on whether it has ended up in the bin or not?

I do know though how busy life is and filing things away may not be at the top of your priority list. I make everything easy, streamlined and maintainable for you, so it is as simple as putting your plate in the dishwasher after your dinner (pause for us all to have an internal giggle at all the people we know in our household that may also not be able to find the dishwasher)

If you would like some help getting your paperwork in order once and for all, please do get in touch.

Personal Paperwork organisation £150

  • FREE initial consultation to discuss your current situation with regards to paperwork and what you would like to achieve with my help. 
  • 2 1/2 hours hands on organisation. Whether you would like to sort through this together or to leave me to it, this is usually enough time to sort through everything with the right approach.* I am also happy for you to deliver your paperwork to me to sort externally if visiting your home is not practical for you.
  • Coaching on how to maintain your paperwork organisation and keep your new systems in place. 

*If from our consultation I think that you will need longer than 2 hours to organise your paperwork I will let you know and quote accordingly so you are not left with a job half done.

Business Paperwork organisation

If you are a business, no matter your size, you may also find that the above resonates when it comes to your paperwork at work. You may even have a home based office so your business and personal paperwork are currently all mixed together.

Please get in touch for a tailored quote for your requirements as often this can take much longer than 2 hours to set up the right system for you and make sure it is working for you and potentially a wider team too. 

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