Life Admin Organisation

Life Admin Organisation

Adding simplicity to your busy schedule

Ah life admin – who knew being adult meant so much, well, admin?!?

We all have to get it done but are you the type of person who always seems to leave everything to the last minute? Always the one forgetting birthdays, tied into another year of increased insurance premiums because you didn’t shop around or are you forever paying more for next day delivery or having to cram in 1000 jobs into your weekend because everything is now urgent?

I am here to turn it around for you. It is all about becoming proactive rather than reactive and it is not a mindset that comes overnight. I come armed with useful tools and tips to help you stop feeling like you are fire fighting your way through life all the time and start taking control.

I cannot promise you an empty to do list but I can show you how to prioritise, organise your time, and plan your time better so anything left on your list is not a stressor. In fact, I ban a traditional to do list. They can make you feel like you have underachieved and behind for the next day. Instead we work in reverse (but more on that another time)

If you would like my help to finally get on top of your life admin, get in touch. 

Contact me today for a free consultation call to find out how our coaching sessions can help you.

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