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Time to take control

I absolutely love helping clients achieve their goals organising their homes. Many clients come to me completely overwhelmed and do not know where to start and some come to me as they have extremely busy lives and do not have time to tackle the project on their own.

However some clients come to me and are motivated and ready to take on the project but just don’t know how to plan, how to get started and how to make long lasting changes to make sure their space remains clutter free and tidy in the future. In these instances I recommend taking a look at my DIY service.

If you also love the idea of decluttering and organisation but would like some professional advice to know you are heading in the right direction, help you make a plan of action and to coach you into changing your habits for the future, this will be the perfect fit for you. Not only will this help you for the project you have in mind but it will arm you with everything you need to take on the next space solo.

Please know that I do also provide a full service in which I come and get hands on in the project with you, either giving you that extra helping hand or saving you time (or both) so if taking on a decluttering project yourself is filling you with dread – please check out my full service HERE.

DIY Service – £99

  • 60 minute consultation to discuss your goals for your space and budget for the project. We will talk about a plan of action, where to start, realistic timescales and most importantly my method to complete each project and all the knowledge I can squeeze into our time together.
  • A written report of what has been agreed in our consultation and any purchases I recommend. You will receive a bespoke plan of action and rough calendar to help keep you on track and my tried and tested method on how to approach every project with some helpful tips on the most common hiccups.
  • 30 minute catch up call to see how you are getting on to keep you accountable to complete your project(s) and to answer any and every question that may have come up throughout. Whether it is a bigger project you have now decided to take on or tips on maintaining the space you have created, the call is to help you with whatever you need.

PLUS – If part way through the project you decide it is either too overwhelming or you do not have the time to give it the attention that it needs we can switch packages at anytime. I will then provide a quote based on £40 per hour for the time I think it will take to complete the project for/ with you.

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