How can decluttering and organising change your life? Or is it just a cliche?

It is just tidying up, what difference can it possibly make? You think of the standard benefits: Saving time looking for things and tidying up Saving money buying duplicates or items going to waste because you forgot to they were there. Giving more space (literally) by getting rid of some stuff Giving more calm byContinue reading “How can decluttering and organising change your life? Or is it just a cliche?”

6 ways to make this school year a little less chaotic

We don’t have long to go now! Are you already washed, labelled and organised, counting down the minutes until those little whirlwinds go back to school. Or maybe you are always a deadline dancer and still have uniform to buy and homework projects to start and honestly, you could do with another week (although let’sContinue reading “6 ways to make this school year a little less chaotic”

Is your house just a mess because you are lazy?

No. We could end this blog here couldn’t we, but I know you want more than that. You are like me. You are here because you want to know the why behind it too. If I am ever going to get a negative comment on social media, it is this one. Stop creating a jobContinue reading “Is your house just a mess because you are lazy?”

How can journalling help you store less clutter?

This is an interesting one and is really only something you can do going forward to guarantee it to work, however you can certainly go back and try and fill in the gaps. No matter what, the majority of the conversations I have with people and where they struggle most is with the things theyContinue reading “How can journalling help you store less clutter?”

New Year New You… and so the cliché continues

Who else is sick of hearing that saying? Every year it starts and every year those goals are set and every year you forget about them within a couple of weeks and the cycle starts all over again. Why? Well… let me start with what you are doing wrong.

How to never tidy up again

Ok ok, I may have got you here with some cheeky click bait. Honestly, there is no life hack where you close your eyes, open them and the mess has disappeared. I am no Mary Poppins. However, what I can tell you is that by creating some simple routines and habits it can feel likeContinue reading “How to never tidy up again”

Learn to let go

This blog post is a little different to usual, instead of sitting back and relaxing and soaking up some useful information, I would love for you to indulge me a little and take part as you read. I guess you could say this is a little mini training session rather than blog post but itContinue reading “Learn to let go”

The Power of Routine

Did you know that our brain can only make a finite amount of decisions every single day? Every time you make a decision (which by the way you are making every single second) you are using up more mental energy and therefore capacity in your brain. That is why usually by the end of theContinue reading “The Power of Routine”

Does life feel overwhelming right now?

Do any of these sound like you? Work is so busy right now, I just do not have time for anything else, how am I supposed to fit it all in? The kids need me all day, I just don’t get a break, how am I ever supposed to build my career/business if I can’tContinue reading “Does life feel overwhelming right now?”