Learn to let go

This blog post is a little different to usual, instead of sitting back and relaxing and soaking up some useful information, I would love for you to indulge me a little and take part as you read. I guess you could say this is a little mini training session rather than blog post but it is a really useful exercise that I wanted to share with you all and one that usually sparks lots of conversations with clients.

You may already find this easy but for the control freaks out there (don’t worry my hand is up too) this is a tough one. 

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10 steps to a debt free Christmas

It happens every single year so why don’t we account for it? Why does it take us by surprise every year how expensive it is and how much is going on? That’s right I am talking about Christmas.

After doing some research, the facts and figures are frankly terrifying, and we should all be trying to stop this vicious cycle wherever possible. We all love to give and celebrate with family and friends, but I know that no one would want to see you in financial difficulties at their expense.

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The Power of Routine

Did you know that our brain can only make a finite amount of decisions every single day?

Every time you make a decision (which by the way you are making every single second) you are using up more mental energy and therefore capacity in your brain. That is why usually by the end of the day you have more brain fog and find it harder to make bigger decisions and why we have the feeling that we need to just switch off. That’s because we do.

That is why when we are going through incredibly busy periods in our lives or just periods where we have to make big decisions e.g. moving home, changing your career, planning an event we feel more overwhelmed than usual.

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How to declutter your handbag

Shall we start with a question today? How many handbags do you own? 

There was a time when I could easily be up to 30 bags. Back in the day when dressing up for a night out involved a “nice top”, jeans and a matching bag, belt and shoes (anyone else remember those days) I had every colour and style going as I just bought another if it didn’t match the rest of the outfit. To be fair I am grateful that was my biggest worry when getting dressed up to go to the local club rather than the effort these poor girls have to go to these days, so every cloud!

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Does life feel overwhelming right now?

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Work is so busy right now, I just do not have time for anything else, how am I supposed to fit it all in?
  • The kids need me all day, I just don’t get a break, how am I ever supposed to build my career/business if I can’t even go to the loo alone?
  • The house is a mess, I am behind at work, I have forgotten the kids PE kit 3 weeks in a row and now my friends want to go on a weekend away… not going to happen!
  • I just need a break. I just want to sit inside for a weekend and sleep but everyone will just think I’m lazy, I can’t just do nothing. I will just push through, it will be Ok.
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10 Unexpected Benefits to Decluttering and Organising

The declutter movement seems to be a hot topic at the moment and minimalism is the talk of the town. This has spread from the US to the UK with increasing popularity and I am personally here for it. Everything organisation has been embedded in me for as long as I can remember so it is great watching the benefits of decluttering and leading a more organised life get the traction it deserves.

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The one where I made my passion a career!

Hi guys and welcome to my first official blog! As I sit here writing I must say I am filled with so much excitement about what is to come. I would be lying if I didn’t say there is a share of sheer terror that comes with making such a big leap but if 2020 taught us anything it is that life is absolutely too short to not be doing something you love and that nothing great comes out of comfort zones. Ok enough of the cliches, lets dive into why you are really here, you want the hot gossip, who I am and why The Organised Co. is here for you.

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