About Me

Hello! My name is Emma and I am the founder of The Organised Co.

Organisation has always been something I am known for. In fact, when I told friends and family about this business, their response was “of course you are, how did you not do this sooner?” I am that friend with a plan for everything and always prepared for any eventuality, even through the younger, care free years of my life.

I am now a mum of two children and one fur baby. They have certainly tested my organisational and planning skills over the years, that is safe to say. They really like to keep me on my toes but they are my everything and the reason I decided to follow a career that I love.

Becoming a professional organiser has always been a passion of mine. I come from a background of working with numbers everyday and managing teams and projects alike. Seeing a project through from start to finish always gave me the most satisfaction and knowing that your plan made it happen still gives me that buzz. Fail to plan, plan to fail as they say.

As a busy, working mum myself, it gives me no greater pleasure than working with clients to give back time in their busy days and create a calm safe haven when they finally sit down at the end of the day. Helping someone struggling with clutter, organisational systems and planning and knowing the transformation I can make to everyday lives is incredible to watch (yes decluttering alone can do that).

A couple of years ago, my marriage to my ex husband ended quite suddenly. As someone who had their next 5 years planned out and organised in my head, everything was thrown up in the air and I have to keep it real – I did not cope well at all. Housework went out the window, the ability to multi-task was a thing of the past and the ever growing to do list for the family was too much to think about when life took over. My home went from being somewhere that was a relaxing space, where everything had a home to a cluttered mess that became too big of a job to feel ready to tackle. Bills were paid on cut off days, birthday presents bought last minute (or forgotten) and morning routines were rushed and stressful.

I am sharing this with you as I know that feeling of overwhelm. I know first hand that sometimes life happens and what previously worked well for you no longer does. I know that clutter can just build up without noticing until one day it is too much and I know how it feels to wish that there were two of you just to keep up with everyday life. I want you to know that there is hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you can make small adjustments to your routine and habits that will make a huge impact on your life. I come from a place of empathy and no judgement as I am right there with you. I know how busy you are and how chaotic life can be. There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of and in fact the bigger the job, the bigger the buzz knowing how I have helped.

Let me end with an interesting fact about me that probably gives you an idea of just how organised I really am.

Back in my care free, child free days, I travelled with a group of friends in Africa. We mainly stayed in tents and shared accommodation and I quickly became the one responsible for making sure we were up and out on time each day (self appointed of course). I set my alarm each day on my phone to the very popular song at the time “Gold Digger” Not only did we all absolutely hate the song by the end of our travels and often woke up to “EMMA TURN OFF THAT ALARM!” but even to this day, if any of us hear that infamous song at any time, it instantly takes us back to those great memories and more specifically those early morning wake up calls.

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