Storage solutions that are worth the investment when decluttering and organising your home

I said it before and I will say it again. 


That being said, there are some items that I believe are totally worth the investment. I recommend them time and time again to clients and will suit nearly anyone’s space in one way or another.

I will add now that this blog does contain affiliate links. This is the first time I have even recommended a product on this blog so know that I will only ever recommend what I believe to be useful, have used myself and I believe is completely worth the investment.

So here we go. Here are the storage solutions that are worth the investment when decluttering and organising your home.

Slim line hangers

These are my number one. Without even decluttering one item in your wardrobe you can save space with these. They look great when they are all matching, they are stronger than they look, non-slip (but properly non-slip, nothing falls off mine, even those annoying dresses where the straps are always falling off) and all in all one of my favourite things to recommend to anyone decluttering and organising their wardrobe. I cannot shout about them enough. Oh and you can get kids sizes too. 

Adjustable drawer dividers

Honestly, I have used drawer dividers for years with clothes but since organising other peoples homes, I recommend them more and more for in the kitchen to organise cutlery drawers, pan drawers, junk drawers and also in offices too. 

Many of you will have seen the cloth dividers that are little boxes you put within your drawer. The problem with these is that they don’t necessarily use up all of the space effectively leaving dead space in your drawers. 

Adjustable drawers allow for you to make the category the right size for your items and make use of every inch of space you have.

You may have seen previous hacks to use cardboard to create your own drawer dividers and even shoe boxes etc. I am a big advocate for this too, especially if you are on a budget. They can be flimsy though and again not make the most out of your space. By investing you are getting quality, longevity and of course there is always the benefit of it looking great too.

Clear plastic stackable containers

Well I don’t think I could even begin to list all the places these are great for. Another option for drawer dividers, pantries, fridges, bathroom organisers, craft corners, lego, makeup. Honestly, pretty much anywhere these work.

The great thing is too, even if you are the type of person that likes things in tiny categories and hidden away or like to keep it broad and like things on display to know where they are, this is perfect. Clear containers with a lovely label on help keep everything divided and in it’s home, makes it easy to find at the other end and they are super simple to maintain.

DIY basket solutions and using what you have is absolutely great but if you do need to purchase more containers and want to go the extra mile to have your space matching and The Home Edit look of colour coordinated heaven, these are what you need.

I personally use them in my kitchen cupboards, bathroom drawers and my hair and cosmetics drawer in my bedroom.

As they are stackable, come in so many different sizes, with or without lids, handles etc, it isn’t hard to find the right kind for you. Plus they are EVERYWHERE! Most shops that sell homeware including Pounland, B&M etc sell them so if you shop around you are likely to find a bargain.

Lazy Susans

Ok so this one may not be worth the investment to some but I LOVE them! They are certainly not for you if you are just starting out in your organisational journey as frankly you have bigger fish to fry than worrying about your condiments looking awesome in your fridge.

However, if you have decluttered and organised before, you are happy with the system you have in place but ready to go back around each zone in your home and take it to the next phase/ level (perhaps I need to do another blog on that another day) then these are a great investment.

Fridges – perfect for condiments, jars etc on the top shelf. Helps you grab and go

Pantry cupboards – helps you see what is at the back as with these nothing is at the back. Things like tins, spices and jars are perfect for this. (especially if you have an awkward corner space)

Craft corners – if you love crafts or you have older children, having the most frequently used items out on display but organised in one of these looks great.

Cosmetics – for a fun display of all your best skincare, perfume, makeup (anything really) stick it in a lazy susan instead of a plain old basket and make it a bit more fun.

Of course, spinning a lazy susan has to be one of the more satisfying things you could do right? We should all have a couple!

Label maker

I don’t know where I would be without my label maker. My favourite is the embossed label maker as I just love the finish of the labels but the digital label maker is so much quicker and practical if you aren’t fussed by that.

Labels are a funny thing. People can’t ignore them. If you have an issue with people dumping stuff where it doesn’t belong so long as it is sort of in the right area, stick a label on some baskets within that cupboard and they are way more likely to pay attention to it. We love rules and routine by nature (no matter how much we try and rebel) and this is just our subconscious sticking to a rule someone made. I can’t promise you perfection with this but it honestly helps.

Labels are great for kids stuff too. It helps with independence choosing items but also helps them help you tidy up. No one said the label had to have words on. They could have a picture instead.

Waterproof storage bags

No matter how well we declutter and organise our home, there will always be a need for some things to stay in storage. Whether it is Christmas decorations, our summer wardrobe or our impressive Halloween costume collection that comes out every year. 

It makes sense for those items that are used infrequently but still used when needed have a home that is less easy to access and the things we use every day to be within easy reach.

Unfortunately, in many homes, those hard to reach areas tend to be damp garages or lofts where we worry things are going to get ruined.

These bags are great. They are HUGE! They are waterproof and they are strong! I have a fair few in my loft now and would rather buy one of these than a big 80l plastic box these days. Highly, highly recommended.

So there we have it. My top storage solutions that are worth the investment when decluttering and organising your home.

I would love to know if you use any of these products in your home or if you have any favourite storage solutions you couldn’t be without? Either comment right here or come hang out over on Instagram where I share all sorts every single day.

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