5 Upcycled Storage Solution Ideas

I am a big believer that decluttering and organising your home does not need to be expensive. Often you re-utilise the things from around your home to store things better and make something absolutely perfect for you.

That’s why, every so often in my little corner of the internet, I like to collate some of the best free, cheap or upcycled storage solutions with you so that you can look around your home and be inspired too.

So, enough of the waffle, let’s get to it. Here are my favourite 5 upcycled storage solution ideas I have seen recently.

Cardboard Boxes

If you are anything like me, the amazon delivery driver is a frequent visitor to my doorstep. Instead of putting them all in the recycling bin, if you need some boxes to categorise your items, why not make them beautiful so you can proudly leave on display?

You can paint, cover in paper or even add string and fabric like in this example. (If you would like the full DIY, you can check it out here).


You may not have spare pegs lying around but they are a very cheap purchase if you like this idea. By adding pegs to an old piece of wood, you can hang almost anything from here. Add to the back of a cupboard door and you will have saved space on the shelf or in yet another box.

Think cleaning cloths, odd socks, scarfs, hats and gloves and anything else lightweight.


These have got to be one of my favourite upcycle ideas. The possibilities are absolutely endless. Just one look on Pinterest will get your creative juices flowing. From simple shelf solutions to full on garden bars (I think I may have to try this one, one day) you can create the perfect solution for your space as they are buildable, easy to cut to size and paint to match your décor.

For some more ideas, check out this blog post here.

Bath Panels

Ok so this one may take a bit more DIY skill but if you are short on space in your bathroom, why not make your bath work for you. It is usually empty space under there and you can have some built in shelves or pull-out panels put around your bath and make use of the dead space underneath. Upcycle your bath to create some amazing hidden storage.

Pictures and photo frames

There are lots of ways you can upcycle a photo frame for storage but this is one of my favourite.

Why not add some hooks behind the frame and add some hinges to the frame. Then pop your keys behind it. This is perfect if you are short on space in your hallway and want a solution that’s a bit more hidden and takes up hardly any space at all. Perfectly to your taste and décor too.

So, there we have it. 5 upcycled storage solution ideas. It isn’t a long post this week, but it doesn’t need to be, the pictures are what you are here for.

If you would like to find more upcycling storage solution ideas, I would really recommend checking out Pinterest. It is my go to place for when I need inspiration.

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