Organising for your personality

Have you ever wondered into a shop and looked at the organisational products and felt overwhelmed by the choice and how on earth you would use them in your home?

Or, watched one of the TV shows (The Home Edit on Netflix or Sort Your Life Out on BBC) and thought you would love to do that, but you wouldn’t be able to keep up the systems or even know where to start.

The truth is, there isn’t a one size fits all approach to organising. Different clients need different systems in their space and that is because we are all different. We all have different family needs. Some of us have more time than others, some like their homes to have a different style to others and of course we all have different budgets too.

That is part of my job though as a professional organiser. To help clients find a system that works for them, within their budget and they can maintain. Yes the decluttering part is extremely satisfying and a really important step to having an organised and clutter free home but my favourite part is showing clients how to transform how their home works for them so it stays that way. (Of course, the before and after photos are just a cheeky bonus!)

Over the time I have been decluttering and organising homes both in person and virtually, I have found many people fit into one of four categories of personality type when it comes to organising their homes. The tricky bit comes when there are different personalities in the same house and compromising and creating the best solution but more on that a little later.

Have a think which you fall into as you read so when you next take on a project you can keep this in mind so the next time you do it will be the last time.


  • Question 1 – Are you a macro or micro-organiser?
    • Picture a jumbled pile of lego on the floor and your ideal situation to how to tidy this up.

  1. Does it go in one big tub with it all in?
  2. Or does it go into lots of smaller containers for each category of lego?

If you answered number 1, you are a macro organiser (keep reading for what that means) and if you answered number 2, you are a micro organiser.

  • Question 2 – Are you a visual or hidden organiser?
    • Picture a side table in your hallway (pretend we all have big hallways)

  1. Does it have lots of neat piles. A place for your keys, wallet, mail, coats etc out and ready to grab but in its own home?
  2. Or is the space completely clear. Perhaps one or two ornaments but everything is put away and hidden in its own home?

You guessed it, if you answered number 1, you are a visual organiser and if you answered number 2, you are a hidden organiser.

THIS DEFINES YOUR ORGANISATION TYPE. If we combine your answers, you will now fall into one of the four categories below.

Taken from IKEA website
    • You are the type of person that if it is out of site, it is out of mind and the item will likely be forgotten about completely.
    • Everyday items need to be out and easy to access. If it isn’t out it doesn’t exist.
    • You are a bit of a perfectionist and like things to be done a certain way
    • Your biggest reason for being messy – you are too busy planning the perfect solution.
    • You need open shelving, pegs, boards, jars, and clear containers with labels all on show. You need small categories and small tubs are best for you.
    • You are the type of person who likes everything put away but needs it to be quick and easy.
    • Surfaces need to be clear and would rather have chaos in a cupboard than have it out on a table or shelf.
    • You don’t want to have to put much thought into a solution though, you want to shove and go.
    • Your biggest reason for being messy – Your goal is too big and broad e.g. I want a tidy kitchen (surface level goal)
    • You need drawer dividers, bins, and baskets with broad categories – think big containers.
  • HIDDEN AND MICRO (Traditional organiser that shops aim for)
    • So, like the other categories you like things hidden away but you are also a perfectionist, so the storage solutions need to go into micro detail.
    • Your biggest reason for being messy – things won’t get put away unless it is completely finished with e.g. paperwork.
    • You need categories within categories. Baskets, bins, drawers with dividers inside and labelled within too – basically what all the storage solutions you can buy are for.
    • You are the type of person that will not put anything away if there is a storage box with a lid on between you and putting the item in its home.
    • Remember if things are out of site, it is out of mind and easily forgotten it even exists.
    • Your biggest reason for being messy – you are the most likely to have a clutter problem as it needs to be out to exist but needs it to be quick and easy so just ends up in a messy pile.
    • You need baskets without lids, trays, and pegs and open shelving.

Which one are you?

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on

Now, what about if you are a hidden and micro-organiser but you are living with a visual and macro-organiser? Unfortunately, it isn’t good news for you because the visual and macro parts of any of the category’s trumps hidden and micro parts.

The reason for this is simple. As a hidden and micro-organiser which would you prefer? Absolute chaos with all items on surfaces and piled up out of order because the visual, macro-organiser needs it to be quick and simple and in view to actually take action. Or would you prefer smaller items to be in big baskets and things in its designated home and tidy, even if you have these items on show?

You may also be a combination of a couple of these personalities yourself. You may love the look of a hidden and micro-organised home that you see on social media but find it hard to maintain at home so need macro solutions. It is all about trial and error to begin with and really paying attention to what your habits are when it comes to your belongings.

If you are struggling to understand what kind of solution is best for your next declutter and organisation project, get in touch, I would love to help. You can find me on social media or contact me directly here.

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