5 FREE Storage Solutions

Decluttering and organising your home does not need to cost the earth! Really and truly, it can be completely free if you want it to be.

We see a lot of pristine show homes on social media and often it can feel like you aren’t living to the same standard as everyone else and you should be embarrassed if you don’t have matching baskets to your walls or the inside of your drawer doesn’t have the official drawer dividers that are sold in John Lewis for a small fortune.

The truth is, decluttering and organising should make your life EASIER. I have spoken previously about the benefits of decluttering and organising so if you are interested in this, you can click here to read more on this. 

Why would you spend your hard-earned time and money organising something to within an inch of your life only to not have time to maintain it and have no money to enjoy your precious time with your family because you have just spent it on expensive boxes.

Now, I have absolutely nothing against these boxes. Personally, I love this look. That is because I am a professional organiser and so that is my idea of heaven. Practically though, I am a single mum with two kids, so I need quick and simple solutions to my storage needs. I am now at a stage where I can go back round my house and fill it with the things I love bit by bit and spend some of my hard-earned money on the storage boxes of my dreams. If you don’t dream of matching storage boxes though or are new to the decluttering and organising journey though, you are unlikely to want to part with your hard-earned cash in exchange for some pretty boxes.

Below I have listed 5 FREE storage solutions you can utilise today. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be helping the environment by recycling and re-using what you already own. The effects can be stunning too so don’t think you will be sacrificing the final look if this is important to you too.

  1. Jars and mugs – Whether they are from an old candle, a yummy desert (you know the ones) or jam jar, we are always popping old glass jars in the recycling. There are so many uses for them though if you pop your thinking cap on. The same goes for mugs. So many have about 30 mugs in their homes, how many do you really need in your kitchen cupboard? Here are some alternative uses for jars and mugs:
  • Food storage e.g. tea bags, spices, pasta, baking ingredients
  • Office supplies e.g. pens, pencils, paperclips
  • Beauty bits e.g. hair clips, cotton buds

2. Shoe boxes or large delivery boxes – How many of these go in the recycling bin a week? Honestly? What if you put some paper around them or even got the kids to decorate some. There are so many uses but here are a few:

  • Memory boxes
  • Craft supplies
  • Seasonal clothes e.g. hats and gloves. Put at top or bottom of wardrobe

3. Tupperware or old Chinese tubs – I wouldn’t care to admit how many I have in this house. We all have too many right?!? Make use of them around the house and not just in an overflowing cupboard in your kitchen:

  • In drawers to subdivide things (junk drawer especially)
  • Puzzles and Lego pieces
  • Travel kits e.g. first aid

4. Folders and plastic wallets – You may only think of these for paperwork but there are other things you can use them for

  • Keeping takeaway menus together in the kitchen drawer/cupboard
  • Keeping craft paper categorised and together
  • Creating a special birthdays scrapbook folder (instead of a box of cards)

5. Old furniture – Rather than getting rid of old furniture you don’t want on display anymore, could this be re-purposed elsewhere in the house? If you don’t have any but want to keep costs low, you can usually pick bargains up buying second hand. 

  • Garage storage (old wardrobes are great for this)
  • Old cot into a desk (check out Pinterest for this amazing idea)
  • Old chest of drawers into a kitchen island (again Pinterest gave me this inspiration and I love it!)

So there we have it 5 ways to re-use and recycle storage you already have in your home and give it a new purpose without spending a penny.

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